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Photos from stock to use for your creative productions. Like other publishers of commercials, books, flyers and web creations use the high quality pictures created by Soren Breiting, also known as Photo Soren, - a travelling photographer to most of the world.

Pictures from Soren's cameras have appeared in books and many other kinds of published material in the different European countries, in USA, in Japan and South America. Enjoy this small sample of pictures in photo galleries and get inspiration for your creations. The stock photos for search include pictures of swans and other bird pictures, conceptual pictures, and lotus pictures.

Royalty-free stock photos (RF pictures)
"Free" in this context means "free of royalties (paying each time you use an image)". Pay a one-time fee to use the image multiple times for multiple purposes (with limits). No time limit on when the buyer can use an image.

Rights-managed stock photos (RM pictures) - "licensed images"
The terms of the license are clearly defined and negotiated. Rights-managed licenses provide assurance that an image will not be used by someone else in a conflicting manner. A Rights-managed image usually allows a much larger print run per image than a Royalty-free license. Editorial is a form of rights-managed license when there are no releases for the subjects. Since there are no releases the images cannot be used for advertising or to depict controversial subjects, only for news or educational purposes. (From Wikipedia).